Giving back – The thing to do

Helping Others

When we are in a position to help others, isn’t that what we should do?
How often do we find ourselves making excuses like as soon as I am done this (whatever this might be) I will make some time to do that (the giving back – the helping).

Maybe, the way to think about it is to do it and develop the understanding as to why it is important.  You might be pleasantly surprised!


In our constant effort to get things done in our lives, often we focus our time and energy on the things that benefit our bottom line the most.  The idea that family comes first, starts to include succeeding at work even if the reason is less about the family.

The thing that is most important about family first is that there is a priority in life that isn’t all about the hustle and bustle.  Isn’t that what life is for, the small things?  We can see the benefit to our family and in return to ourselves by investing in family time.

If we know that family time has priority AND we practice this honestly, then we should be able to see the value.  If we can see the value in this giving and receiving process that isn’t tied to money, then surely we can find that value in other areas of our lives.


If we are living a balanced life and our family is in good shape, being able to share the same experience with others is a wonderful thing.  Being able to give back to your community has many benefits.  The community of course benefits, but usually the contributor finds benefits from being involved.  Sometimes it is the slowing down that comes with volunteering time.  Sometimes it is the joy on the faces of the people involved.  Whatever it might be for you, finding a forum to donate time is usually one of the best things for the soul.

Helping CHEO


There are other ways to help too.  Giving back financially can also have its own rewards. Picking a charity is the first step and there are many worthy charities out there.  Deciding how to make your donation(s) is usually the easier part.

RE/MAX is one of the largest real estate networks, partnering with Children’s Miracle Network since 1992. Since that time, RE/MAX has raised more than $150 million, making them the second largest sponsor. The Miracle Home® program generates the most donations. A Miracle Home creates an opportunity for the Sales Associate to make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network member hospital aligned with his/her office on behalf of each transaction. In addition, RE/MAX offices implement golf tournaments, mini stock car races, galas, or other fund raisers to support Children’s Miracle Network.

RE/MAX Associates generated more than $9.9 million in donations last year alone. Said Carolynn Bond, Liaison to Children’s Miracle Network for RE/MAX International, “Our business is about more than just buying or selling homes. Our business is to care for families, and what better way to show that care and concern than to support Children’s Miracle Network.” Their current marketing tagline, “Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results” applies not only to real estate, but to helping kids as well.

The Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Ottawa is the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).  We probably all know someone who has received care at this state of the art facility and the wonderful team there that help our children.  Douglas Pritchard  participates has been participating in the Miracle Home® program since 2004 and through this program he makes a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network for each transaction he completes.

Find your own way to give back.  It feels great!


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