Selling the Feng Shui Way

What is Feng Shui?

As it applies to selling your home, feng shui is a practice based on the idea that your home is a reflection of what is happening inside you.

If we say that the purpose of feng shui in general is to put your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go then we can say that when you want to sell your home the goal is to ensure this general philosophy is applied so that this message is sent out to all who are in range of the message.

Simple on its surface, and very complex as we drill down, feng shui as it applies to selling your home really boils down to sending a message to prospective buyers.  The question is, what is the message you want to send?

Why practice Feng Shui?

Often, I show a home to a prospective buyer that has not been staged with this concept in mind.  There are pretty pieces of art everywhere and the buyers notice them of course.  The home is clean, and it is clear that the  home has been staged, but the buyers can’t remember what the space was, they couldn’t see themselves in the home, because they couldn’t remember what the actual home looked like.   In this scenario, the effort was placed into proving how decorative the artist who did the staging can be.  The message being sent is, look how great this looks.  The message was received!  Unfortunately, the message blurred the purpose which probably should have been “look at this space that could be yours”.

Sometimes, I show a home and there has been no staging.  Typically, in this scenario, the buyer does not feel comfortable moving around the home.  Sometimes, they even decide they are done without seeing the entire home.  What happened?  In my experience, it is most often due to furniture placement that blocks a comfortable flow through the home or a lack of effort devoted to de-cluttering.

Is it really a thing?

The question of whether or not it is a real thing I will leave that with the reader to decide but I will float a few ideas here as discussion points about whether it has value.

  1. Ask yourself this.  Does it matter my view if it helps sell my home?
    If other people (like the ideal buyer) believes in it and you follow the guidelines and the end result is that the buyer purchases your home, then it really IS a thing!  So does it matter if you believe it is a real thing or not?
  2. In my most humble observations of the practice of feng shui in practice, despite the deeper theory that we could likely discuss for a very long time, I note that it includes thoughts such as keeping toilet lids down.  This is a good idea despite the label on the philosophy that got you to make this happen. It is just a good idea.  When a home does not have the lids down, invariably a client comments negatively about the fact that this is what the seller has presented.

    It includes things like making the environment comfortable to navigate so that the buyer feels good walking through the space and will be inclined to do exactly that.  I think it is a very good idea to have the buyer see the space, feel the space, and feel GOOD about the space as opposed to not wanting to enter the space.  How can the buyer consider putting in an offer on a home that they do not want to be in?

  3. If you want to sell your home (and this is the key for me) do you want the prospective buyer to know that this is what you want or do you want to send them a mixed message on the subject?

    If you put your energy into it, and it is good energy, and it is a strong effort, in the right direction, the effort will be noticed.  The message that you will be sending to a prospective buyer is “I want to sell my home” along with “this is a great space” with the ultimate message being “you know you want it”.

I propose that the idea of setting intention goes far beyond the preparation of a home for sale.  If we set intention in all that we do, the intention will guide us and those around us.  Our intention, if allowed to shine outwardly, will be seen by those around us and our message will be clear.  What will your message be?


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